Monday, September 17, 2012

Flame cyber virus linked to more malware

The Flame virus is an interesting example of the effort against Iran's nuclear plant. The Flame virus believed to be part of a cyberwarfare effort against Iran was developed as early as 2006 and is linked to at least three other malware programs, a new analysis says.
The report suggests the effort to develop Flame, widely reported to be part of a US-Israeli effort to slow Iran's suspected nuclear weapons drive, has been going on longer than initially believed and has more components, including some not yet fully understood.

The report on Monday by the Russian security firm, Kaspersky Lab, with US-based Symantec, Germany's computer emergency response team and the International Telecommunication Union's cybersecurity arm showed that development of the Flame platform dates back to 2006.

An earlier analysis by Kaspersky had reported the code for Flame, which is likely related to Stuxnet and other viruses, was written in 2009.

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